About the Author

In the beginning, I was a typical kid, got in trouble at school, was a bit rebellious and played the angles if there were any to be played.  I always loved to write and would journal my feelings.  Later, I would read them to find insight because the writings exposed emotions that I had suppressed.

I had loving parents who worked a lot trying to get ahead.  I can remember attending church as a kid with my parents, but I was very small.  My parents never forced religion on me and felt it was a personal decision I would make if or when I wanted.

As I got older, I started searching for something, but honestly, I really didn’t know what that was.  All I knew was I was not satisfied with the things I found or where I found them.  I turned to education and went back to school to obtain a Bachelor’s degree.  Still, something was missing. I then moved my search to religion.  I went to hear a speaker who was an “out of the ordinary” preacher of his time.  He wasn’t concerned with what you wore or how you looked, he was a down to earth, tell it like it is kind of guy.  That night he asked, “if you were to die tonight do you know for certain you would go the heaven?”  I realized I did not know, but found out that very night how I could.  That was the beginning of my conscious journey with God.  I say conscious because that was when I acknowledged Him.  The fact is, He had always been with me, but I didn’t see it.  It was the beginning of what I had been looking for.

Later, on a Sunday morning, our pastor challenged us to move out of our comfort zone.  I prayed and asked God what that might look like with me?  It is then, the idea to write a book came into existence.  I was terrified.  I had a million reasons to why I could not do it and only one reason why I should.  Not great odds, but I was faithful and moved in the direction I felt God was leading.

Then it all started to come together.  Over a period of three plus years, Return to Me; God’s Heart Cry began to become a reality.  First the cover came into existence, then the printing of the book and now publication.  Return to Me; God’s Heart Cry is meant to assist you in hearing, feeling and moving closer to God.