Return to Me; God's Heart Cry - Reviews

Book Review by Kathy Denver, Reviews Editor - The International Review Of Books:

Which line stood out from others in the book?
Do we do the right thing, even if it does not benefit us?

Return To Me is a powerful journey through the Christian Bible to reconnect with God. To feel that sense of belonging, understanding, connection, and sense of community.

With the distractions of today's world, not everyone is receiving spiritual nourishment and even those that declare they are Christians do not have a relationship with God or are not putting him first.

This book journeys through the biggest teaching points of the Bible from prophets that delivered God's message and that in which produced the Bible towards those that delivered the message after witnessing Jesus first hand.

I love that each of the prophets or disciples is broken down to its own section with scripture noted so you can, therefore, review the content yourself. With this set up any age can read this book and find understanding.

This book helps to reach out to those that are looking for a relationship with God, need to strengthen what they already have or need someone of a higher power in their life but have no idea where to begin.

This book lets you explore areas of thought that you might have further than the question of creation vs evolution.

I really like the acronym on the last page which explains the book's title.

This was a great book that can be read often and in conjunction with the Bible.

This book also allows non-believers to really get a feel for religious matter for Christianity, it can also be used to compare religions or seek answers to specific arguments.

The best thing is that this book isn't a sermon nor is it telling you what to believe - it is challenging you to dig deeper, to ask the hard questions and to find your own identity amongst the content.

Give it a read and continue to read it over again. For me, it helped me to not feel so lost amongst the Bible.

Book Review by Pastor Joel C. Hunter, Former Senior Pastor - Northland, A Church Distributed:

This book is a clear and straight forward call to God. It is one that touches your heart as well as speaking to your better judgement. I recommend “Return to Me: God’s Heart Cry” to anyone at any decision point in life!”

Book Review by Diane, Book Club Facilitator, First Baptist Church, Altoona, Florida:

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The Author conveys a good explanation of free will and gives a beautiful map on how to be saved.  The Author gives an overall good expression of “returning to God” and what that might look like today.  My best wishes for continued service to Him in whatever capacity He chooses.